Mauritius – Preskil Beach Resort

by Dana & Wild 2014/03/28

Time we stayed there: 03-2014 (for 4 days)

Price range: $$$ (143€ per person, per night)

Room and board: Prestige Cottage Room, half board

For the last days we are staying at Preskil Beach Resort, Mahebourg.  To be serious: we expected more compared to Merville Beach, because Preskil has 5 stars, while Merville only has 4.
In comparison to Merville Beach, the  staff at Preskil isn’t that welcoming, the room is smaller, the beach isn’t that nice,  wheather isn’t that good and also this hotel charges for many services extra.
Although it has some disadvantages we liked Preskil at the end of the day. We liked the hotel complex, the clear water of the sea and the water sport activities.

The hotel

The good
+ generelly the hotel complex is very nice and in the evening it’s romantic
+ the sea is very clear
+ buffet: food is fresh, excellent and a lot of choice; we like the variety of the breakfast buffet
+ A huge variety of watersport activities like water skiing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, etc. Best of all: nearly everything is free
+2 tennis courts (hard pitch) and rackets for free
+ excellent band in the evening
+ there is a bus station infront the hotel. The bus goes to Mahebourg (approx. 15 minutes)
+ On monday there is a market in Mahebourg (cheap cloth)

The not so good
– Preskil charges  extra for many services:
– exra charge for the internet (WLAN is just for free in the bar)
– extra charge for water (75 rupees per bottle)
– extra charge for tennis balls, better bring your own tennis balls! (4 tennis balls cost  510 rupees (12,50 EUR)) in the hotel
– when you want barbecue instead evening buffet it  costs extra 950 rupees (25 EUR)
– when you want to book the steakhouse instead of evening buffet it costs 750 rupees
– Compared to the west, the weather here in the east  isn’t that nice. In the  afternoon it’s always cloudy. Temperatures are approx.5 degrees lower
– room (prestige cottage) : as we entered in the first time , the room was smelling badly and it seemed very small. It  should be 42m2.  But we measured  (with a cord and a page in A4) only 32 m2. When you add the terrace you get 42 m2.
– service isn’t that friendly
– the evening buffet is somehow strange. When they have for example chinese buffet they also serve pizza.
– service is not so welcoming.


And again, here are some of our impressions:








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