Bangkok Grand Palace Adventure and Surprising Encounters: Day 4

by WILDCAFE 25/01/2024

Cheers, cultural explorers! 🌞🕵️
Dana & Wild here, embarking on Day 4 of our Bangkok journey, a day that took us from the majestic Bangkok Grand Palace to spontaneous city adventures. Follow along as we share our experiences, complete with humor, insights, and a few surprises. 🏰🎉

Love Is The Message in Bangkok Grand Palace

Morning Majesty: The Bangkok Grand Palace Visit

Eager for a change of pace, we set off early to explore the Bangkok Grand Palace. Just steps from our hotel, we found a convenient tuk-tuk ride for 100 Baht, whisking us away to this historic landmark. The 500 Baht entry fee per person was a gateway to the past, revealing the grandeur and intricacy of Thailand’s royal heritage. As we strolled through the palace grounds, we were captivated by the stunning architecture and the rich tapestry of Thai history. 🏯💫

Google Maps Link to Bangkok Grand Palace: Bangkok Grand Palace

A Refreshing Breakfast at Slowbar

Post-palace, we ventured to Slowbar, a delightful café we discovered on Google Maps.

Google Maps Link to Slowbar: Slowbar

Here, we indulged in a culinary surprise – fresh fruit bowls and smoothies. The berry bowl with cocoa, an unexpected twist of blended bananas and berries with cocoa powder, was a revelation. Dana’s mango smoothie was equally impressive, a testament to the café’s commitment to quality and freshness. 🍓🥥

Afternoon Work Session

Our afternoon was a blend of work and relaxation. Dana found comfort working in the hotel room, while I headed to the Samsen Café, a perfect spot for digital nomads with its friendly service, reliable Wi-Fi, and ample power outlets.

Google Maps Link to Samsen Café: Samsen Café

Evening of Surprises

The evening brought unexpected delights. Initially planning to meet a friend at a rooftop bar, we shifted gears when we learned it was an hour away by taxi. Instead, Dana surprised us with an impromptu dinner with friends living in Cyprus, who happened to be nearby.

Dinner at Madame Musur

We strolled to Madame Musur, located on the enchanting Ram Buttri Alley, for dinner. The ambiance and company more than made up for the just-okay food.

Google Maps Link to Madame Musur: Madame Musur

A Secret Rooftop Bar Discovery

Post-dinner, our friends introduced us to a secret rooftop bar near Olive Kitchen. The journey there was an adventure in itself, passing through secret doors and creatively decorated rooms. Once there, we lounged on an old metal bed transformed into a seat, enjoying cocktails and the unique atmosphere.

Google Maps Link to Secret Rooftop Bar: Secret Rooftop Bar

Planning the Next Leg of Our Journey

As our stay at Chillax Resort was coming to an end, we pondered our next move. With inland flights being pricey, we decided to extend our stay in Bangkok. A chance conversation with our friends led us to consider traveling by bus, a new adventure in itself.

A Late-Night Excursion and Bus Booking

On our way back to the hotel, Dana spotted a small shop offering excursions. A friendly local gave us valuable tips for exploring non-touristic islands and recommended a secret island. Initially planning to book a 24-seater VIP bus, a last-minute clarification led us to book the trip through the ‘book a way’ platform, securing a VIP bus ride for 47€ per person.


Day 4 in Bangkok was a tapestry of cultural exploration, delightful encounters, and unexpected turns. From the grandeur of the Bangkok Grand Palace to the hidden rooftop bars and the excitement of planning our next journey, each moment added a unique flavor to our adventure. Stay tuned as Dana & Wild continue to explore the vibrant streets and hidden corners of Bangkok, sharing their stories and tips along the way! 🌙✨

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