We Are Leaving Bangkok To Secret Island – The 13 Hours Bus Ride : Day 5

by WILDCAFE 26/01/2024

Hey, everyone! 🌞 Dana & Wild checking in on Day 5 of our adventure. Today’s the day we say ‘see ya later’ to Bangkok and hello to new horizons. We go from Bangkok to secret island, as announced in our last posting.
We’re super excited (and a tad nervous) about what’s next. Buckle up as we share our journey from the city hustle to island tranquility. 🚌🌴

Breakfast with Friends

Our morning started with a casual stroll down Ram Buttri Street for breakfast, and guess who we bumped into? Tom & Steffi! It was one of those brilliant, unplanned moments. Over breakfast, we chatted about everything from business to travel – the perfect start to an adventurous day. 🍳👫

Google Maps Link to Ram Buttri Street: Ram Buttri Street

Final Hours at Samsen Cafe

After breakfast, we headed back to our beloved “office” – the Samsen Café. It’s been our little haven for work and good coffee. We spent our last few hours there tying up loose ends and soaking up the café vibes before our big move.

Google Maps Link to Samsen Café: Samsen Café

Journey to the Bus Station

At 18:15, it was time to hit the road. We needed to be at the bus station by 19:00 for our 20:00 departure. Opting for convenience, I booked a Grab taxi for 240 Baht from the hotel, a bit pricey but hassle-free. The taxi ride was smooth, and soon we were at the Southern Bus Terminal, ready for the next chapter.

Google Maps Link to Southern Bus Terminal: Southern Bus Terminal

Pre-Bus Preparations

The bus terminal was a maze, but thanks to the excellent service from Book-a-way, we navigated it like pros. They sent us an email with all the necessary info, including pictures of the counter for our tickets – talk about being thorough! Meanwhile, Dana’s quick snack hunt at KFC turned into a no-go – the chicken didn’t pass the sniff test, straight into the bin it went. 🚌🍗

The VIP Bus Experience from Bangkok To The Secret Island

Our bus was something else – think business class on wheels! The seats could almost fully recline into beds, promising a comfy ride. I managed to get some work done while Dana caught up on podcasts. Our mid-journey stop around 23:00 gave us a chance to stretch our legs and grab some more (hopefully fresher) food.

Arrival in Ranong

The journey, smooth for me but sleepless for Dana, brought us to Ranong by 5 AM. We were whisked off to a café near the pier, the jumping-off point for our speedboat to the secret island.

Speedboat to the “secret island

At 7:30, we hopped onto the speedboat, our excitement building. The 40-minute ride was a blend of anticipation and stunning sea views. And then, there it was – the secret island. We stepped off the boat feeling thrilled and ready for this new island adventure.
Wanna know the name of the secret island? Stay tuned… 🤪


Day 5 was a day of transitions and new beginnings. From a friendly breakfast in Bangkok to the exciting journey towards the secret island, every moment was a part of our unfolding story. The contrasts between city life and island vibes couldn’t be starker, and we can’t wait to share what the secret island has in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates from Dana & Wild – the adventure is just getting started! 🌊🏝️

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