Discovering Koh Phayam Surfing and Explorations: Day 7 & 8

by WILDCAFE 28/01/2024

Hey there, adventurers, let’s do some Koh Phayam surfing! 🌴🕵️
We are ready to spill the beans on our Days 7 & 8 in an undisclosed paradise. It’s been all about riding waves, delicious eats, and bungalow hunting on this hidden gem of an island. Get ready for some “secret island surfing” stories, let’s go Koh Phayam Surfing. 🏄‍♂️🌊

Secret Island Surfing - the lucky rock

Day 7: Koh Phayam Surfing Adventures and Beachside Breakfast

Our morning on Koh Phayam started with a mouth-watering falafel plate at the beachfront. The sight of perfect waves was too tempting to pass up, so I (Wild) decided to try surfing for the first time. Renting a board for 150 Baht per hour, I managed to catch some waves and even stood up a few times. It was thrilling! 🌊🏄‍♂️

Bungalow Quest Along the Beach

In the afternoon, our stroll along the beach turned into a quest for our next stay. We explored various resorts, finding options ranging from budget-friendly to luxury. The search was as much fun as it was challenging. 🚶‍♂️🏡

A Refreshing Pause at the Reggae Bar

Needing a break, we stopped by the Reggae Bar for some incredible smoothies. The mango and pineapple concoctions were just what we needed to recharge before continuing our exploration. 🍍🥭

Evening Delight at JJ

Dinner was a beachside treat at JJ, where we enjoyed a scrumptious red snapper. The sound of the waves complemented our meal perfectly, creating a memorable dining experience under the stars. 🐟🌌

Day 8: An Amazing Breakfast – The Perfect Start

The next day started with an amazing breakfast at “Bilbo’s”. They have self baked cinamon rolls, great fruit bowls and the best coffee we drank so far on the island (we have to mention, that we didn’t drink much coffee yet 🤪).
So this cafe is definitely worth a visit…

Motorbike Ride to Buffalo Bay

This day brought a new adventure as we rented a motorbike to check out Buffalo Bay. The beach there had a different vibe, less inviting than our current spot but still worth the visit. Our hunt for accommodation led us to a solidly built bungalow at Buffalo Bay Vacation Club, a significant upgrade from our previous stay, especially the toilet! 🏍️🌅

Google Maps Link to Buffalo Bay Vacation Club: Buffalo Bay Vacation Club

Dinner and Work at Gypsy Bar

Our evening unfolded at the Gypsy Bar, where we combined dinner with a productive work session. The atmosphere was just right for both relaxation and getting things done – a rare find on Koh Phayam. 🍴💻


Days 7 & 8 were a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation on Koh Phayam. From my first surfing experience to finding the ideal bungalow, every moment added to the charm of this tropical haven. As we continue to explore and uncover the secrets of this island, we’re reminded of the beauty of discovering lesser-known paradises. Join us for more tales and tips as Dana & Wild keep unraveling the wonders of this hidden gem! 🌴🔍

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