Koh Phayam Magic: Island Exploration and Culinary Delights – Days 11 to 13

by WILDCAFE 01/02/2024

Hello, island adventurers! 🌴🌞 Dana & Wild here, eager to share the intricate details of our Days 11 to 13 in the mesmerizing Koh Phayam. These days were a blend of culinary explorations, beachside relaxation, and enchanting evenings, all infused with the island’s captivating charm. Let’s dive deep into the ‘Koh Phayam Magic’!

A Sunset Like Koh Phayam Magic

Day 11: A Varied Culinary Experience – The Magic Cafe

Our Day 11 began at the Magic CafĂ©, a quaint spot with a reputation for great cakes and croissants. We opted for omelettes, eggs, and fruit shakes. While the breakfast was satisfactory, it was the warm, freshly baked croissant that truly delighted us, even though the overall cost (405 Baht) was a bit steep compared to other places. The cafĂ©’s inviting atmosphere and tempting cake display promised more treats for future visits.

Google Maps Link to Magic Café: Magic Café

Buffalo Bay Work and Evening Delights at Supranee

Post-breakfast, we retreated to our haven, the Buffalo Bay Vacation Club, where we spent the day balancing work with serene ocean views. As evening approached, we discovered the culinary gem of Supranee. Dining here was not just a meal; it was an experience of authentic local flavors, fresh from Supranee’s garden. The simplicity of the setting contrasted with the rich, home-cooked vegetarian dishes, making it a must-visit spot.

Google Maps Link to Buffalo Bay Vacation Club: Buffalo Bay Vacation Club

Google Maps Link to Supranee: Supranee

Self Made Ice Cream From Another Planet at Koh Co Ice Cream

Later, we indulged in handmade coconut and mango ice cream at Koh Co Ice Cream. The flavors were natural and refreshing, a perfect treat to conclude our day.

Google Maps Link to Koh Co Ice Cream: Koh Co Ice Cream

Day 12: Beachside Bliss and Relaxing Massages

The next morning, we resumed work before heading to Bamboo Bungalows for a beachside breakfast. The rest of the day was spent working and enjoying occasional dips in the sea, embracing the laid-back island lifestyle.

Google Maps Link to Bamboo Bungalows: Bamboo Bungalows

Our evening was a blend of relaxation and indulgence at Relax Massage. Dana opted for a soothing warm oil massage, while I chose the traditional Thai massage. The experience was rejuvenating, capped off with refreshing drinks and a serene ambiance.

Google Maps Link to Relax Massage: Relax Massage

Day 13: Exploring Ban Suan Kaiyou 2 and Hippie Bar Sunsets

On Day 13, we discovered Ban Suan Kaiyou 2, a charming beachside resort. Breakfast here was a tropical affair with fresh coconuts and delicious local desserts. We spent the entire day savoring the serene beachfront, enveloped by the gentle sound of the waves.

Google Maps Link to Ban Suan Kaiyou 2: Ban Suan Kaiyou 2

As the day transitioned to evening, we moved to the Hippie Bar, captivated again by its unique world. Watching the sunset from this elevated spot while enjoying mojitos and fruit shakes was an experience in itself.

Google Maps Link to Hippie Bar: Hippie Bar

A Night To Remember At Musika Goa Party

The highlight was the Goa party at Musika. Nestled deep in the forest, the journey there was an adventure, leading us to a night of dancing, vibrant music, and great company. The atmosphere was electric, yet intimate, embodying the ‘Koh Phayam Magic’ in every aspect.

Google Maps Link to Musika: Musika


Days 11 to 13 in Koh Phayam were a perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and exhilaration. From quaint breakfast spots to serene massages and vibrant evenings, each experience added to the island’s enchanting allure. The ‘Koh Phayam Magic’ is real and ever-present, making every moment here truly special. Stay tuned as we continue to share our adventures in this tropical paradise! 🌴🎉

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