dana_and_wild_2012When the enchanting songstress DANA BRIGHT and the music artist WILDCAFE met the first time in 2011 they didn’t know that they have several things in common: they love music, they love freedom, they love to see the world and they just want to enjoy life.

They produced some songs together and decided to start a collaboration during the Winter Music Conference 2013 in Miami.

When they went back to Austria, they saw the film “Bonnie & Clyde” with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.
They were excited about their lifestyle and the idea for “Dana & Wild” was born: they decided to travel the world together and find the most beautiful places in the world from then.

But instead of robbing banks and killing people they will produce a song on each of their journeys and share their experiences, recommendations and adventures with YOU.

They’ll also make a music video representing their impressions, pictures and emotions of each of their trips that will be published on the website you’re watching right now.

Dana & Wild – the Bonnie & Clyde of music