Koh Phayam Cafes & Escapades: Exploring Unique Cafes and Beach Bars – Days 9 & 10

by WILDCAFE 31/01/2024

Hey folks! Dana & Wild here, ready to share the scoop on Days 9 & 10 of exploring Koh Phayam cafes and bars. These days were all about embracing the island’s cafe culture, beachfront dining, and unique bars. Let’s dive into our island escapades! 🏝️🌅

Koh Phayam Cafes & Bars - The Hippie Bar

Day 9: Work And Discovering Koh Phayam Cafes

Our Day 9 kicked off with a productive session at Lucky Rock Bar. Nestled beside the iconic Lucky Rock, this spot provided the perfect blend of work and relaxation, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the sea.

Google Maps Link to Lucky Rock Bar: Lucky Rock Bar

Afternoon at Hippie Bar

Later, we ventured to the mesmerizing Hippie Bar on Buffalo Bay’s other side. This place was more than a bar; it was an experience. Every corner brimmed with creativity, from the handcrafted boat bow to the vibrant decor. The smoothies were a delight, adding to the bar’s magical vibe.

Google Maps Link to Hippie Bar: Hippie Bar

Dinner at Lotus 51

For dinner, we headed to Lotus 51, where the beachside setting and delicious food created an unforgettable evening. The red snapper here was a highlight, perfectly complementing the tranquil beach atmosphere.

Google Maps Link to Lotus 51: Lotus 51

Ending the Night at Cha Chai Bar

To cap off the night, we visited Cha Chai Bar. The chai was excellent, though the overall ambiance left us with mixed feelings. Still, it was a worthwhile stop for a good cup of chai and a moment of relaxation.

Google Maps Link to Cha Chai Bar: Cha Chai Bar

Day 10: The Garden and East Coast Exploration

The next day, we started at The Garden, a charming cafe known for its great coffee and ambiance. Later, we explored the east coast of Koh Phayam on a motorbike, seeking our next accommodation and making a necessary ATM run – a reminder that cash is essential on this island!

Google Maps Link to The Garden: The Garden

Lunch at Flower Power Village

Our culinary journey continued at Flower Power. This expansive restaurant and shop offered a diverse menu, including freshly made noodles. We enjoyed the variety of food options and the overall quality of our meal.

Google Maps Link to Flower Power: Flower Power

Unique Experience at Rock Bar

Later, we visited the Rock Bar, a unique establishment built into the natural rocks. The adventurous setting and wild design made our visit both thrilling and memorable.

Google Maps Link to Rock Bar: Rock Bar


Days 9 & 10 on Koh Phayam were filled with discovery, from the artistic Hippie Bar to the serene dining at Lotus 51 and the eclectic Rock Bar. Each spot we visited added to the diverse tapestry of our island adventure. As we continue to explore Koh Phayam, its laid-back charm and unique spots never cease to amaze us. Stay tuned for more of our island stories and experiences! 🌴🍝

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