Koh Phayam Paradise – Arriving In Paradise (With A Toilet Issue): Day 6

by WILDCAFE 27/01/2024

Hello, island wanderers and beach lovers! 🌴☀️ Dana & Wild here again, ready to take you through Day 6 of our journey – this time on the beautiful Koh Phayam paradise.
Our day was a mix of tropical vibes, a bamboo bungalow adventure, and yes, a bit of a toilet situation. Let’s jump into our ‘Arriving in Paradise’ tale. 🛬🌊

Dana & Wild in Koh Phayam Paradise

The Journey to Bamboo Bungalows

On Koh Phayam, our first stop was a cozy shop where we met another Tom, who recommended the Bamboo Bungalows. His suggestion sounded perfect – beach access and a chill vibe were just what we needed. So, we hopped into a tuk-tuk (200 Baht/8€) and headed there.

Google Maps Link to Bamboo Bungalows: Bamboo Bungalows

Settling into Our Bamboo Abode

At the bungalows, we snagged the last available room – a simple, rustic bamboo bungalow for 600 Baht (about 16€) a night. While the room had its charm, the toilet situation was… let’s just say, less than ideal. But hey, that’s island life for you! Despite the smell, the overall ambiance of the place won us over. 🏡🌴

Exploring Koh Phayam Paradise

Hungry for more than just scenery, we ventured out to explore the local dining scene. Koh Phayam is lined with cafes and eateries, offering a tempting array of choices right by the roadside. It’s a food lover’s paradise!

A Pizza Redemption at Paolo Italian Pizza

We stumbled upon ‘Paolo Italian Pizza’ and decided to give pizza another shot. We violated our 3 rules for eating in Thailand (see our other post), but we took the risk and it paid off! This time, the wood-fired oven promised a better experience. And it delivered! The pizza was fantastic, coupled with a fresh salad – a meal that definitely made up for our previous pizza misadventures.

Google Maps Link to Paolo Italian Pizza: Paolo Italian Pizza

Evening Beach Walks and Sunset Wonders

Post-dinner, we meandered back to Long Beach, a stretch of sandy shores perfect for leisurely walks. The sand was fine, and the best part? It didn’t stick to our feet – a small but significant joy! As we strolled, we found ourselves captivated by the breathtaking sunset, a perfect end to our first day in this island paradise.

Google Maps Link to Long Beach: Long Beach


Arriving on Koh Phayam was like stepping into a postcard, with just a hint of adventure (courtesy of our bungalow’s toilet!). From heartfelt breakfasts to beachside bliss, our day was a blend of island serenity, culinary delights, and those unforgettable sunset moments. As we settle into this slice of paradise, despite its quirky challenges, we’re reminded of why we love traveling so much. Stick around for more stories from Dana & Wild as we continue exploring the enchanting the Koh Phayam! 🌅🏖️

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