Mauritius – special tour with Captain Nemo (Ilot Des Deux Cocos, Blue Bay, Ile Aux Aigrettes)

by Dana & Wild 2014/04/22

Captain Nemo

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: around 60 Euro (march 2014)

Options: for a small additional fee you can also make a longer trip to “Ile aux aigrettes” – we just passed the island by and didn’t go on the island.

Voilà, this is “Captain Nemo” and his speed boat:

Captain Nemo with his boat Nemo
So what does he do? He and his mate “Christophe Columbus” try their best to give you a special experience by offering some tours and special arrangements. And as far as we can say, they’re doing a good job!

Christophe is responsible for tickets & sales. So if you’d like to book a tour, he’s the man you should get in contact with. See below for his contact details.

Christophe is located in the Preskil Beach Resort, but if you contact him directly, he arranges to take you from nearly anywhere in the south-east of Mauritius.

We booked a tour from the hotel Preskil Beach Resort to Ile aux aigrettes, Ilot des deux cocos and a snorkeling experience in Blue Bay.

Ilot des deux cocos

This island was owned by a doctor. After his death the hotel company “Lux” rented the island and began to restore and maintain the buldings and the island in general (which is pretty small).
There are some guest houses on the island you can rent and if you’re a guest of a Lux hotel, you can go to the island. If you’re not, you’re only allowed to walk on the beach. We were no guests of Lux, but we were allowed to enter the island for taking some pictures for you:


(Click here to view “Ilot des deux cocos” on Google maps)

Blue bay

Blue Bay is directly located near “Ilot des deux cocos”. Captain Nemo told us that we are going to snorkel here. “Christophe Columbus” told us it will be beautiful there and he gave us his underwater camera (for free!). I asked him if he would lend his camera to every client and he said yes.
So if you don’t have an underwater camera, he will borrow you his. Very good service!
IMPORTANT: take an SD card with you to save pictures and films and you’re done.

Then we put on our fins and diving masks, went into the water and took the following pictures (we call the left one “Dana with fishes”):

Dana with fishesIlot des deux cocos info table under sea

WOW! Crystal clear water and an amazing sea life.

It’s an awesome feeling to be surrounded by so many fishes. This is definitely a place where you have to got to. Btw: on the 2nd picture you see an info table that’s located under water. It tells you something about the corals there. Also a very funny experience if you go down and there’s a table on the ground. I think water depth there is around 3 meters.

(Click here to view “Blue Bay” on Google maps)

Ile aux aigrettes

This little island is a natural reserve and we have not been on the island, we just passed it by. So we can’t tell you how beautiful it is on the island. We just heard that you have to pay an entry fee to get on the island which is around 1000 MUR (24 EUR) per person. Just ask “Christophe Columbus” if you’d like to enter the island, he will make a special package for you (including some pirate outfit if you like so 😉 ).

And much more…

Christophe Columbus knows a lot of people in the south-east region of Mauritius. So if you’d like to book a house on the beach there, he’s also the right man for you.



Here are the contact details of Christophe Columbus, if you’d like to book your personal package with him or if you need an accomodation in the southern part of the island.
Feel free to get in contact with him:

Dream Time Ltd. – Le Blason

Christophe Columbus

Ave. Les Aigrettes

Blue Bay – Mauritius

Tel.: +230 771 7917 / 631 1699



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