Our Thailand Adventure Begins – From Vienna to Chillaxing: Day 1

by WILDCAFE 22/01/2024

Hello, fellow travelers, enthusiasts, family, fans and friends! 🌏
Dana & Wild here, setting the stage for our Thailand adventure begins.
From Vienna’s historical charm to the tranquil vibes of Bangkok’s Chillax Resort, join us on a day filled with humor, creativity, and a touch of the unexpected. ✈️🌴

Our Thailand Adventure - Day 1

Sky-High Antics: A Flight of Opposites

Our flight from Vienna was like a classic duet with contrasting melodies. While I (Wild) dozed off into dreamland, Dana was on high alert, her eyes wide with anticipation. It’s funny how we musicians find our rhythm even thousands of feet up in the air! 😴🎵

Touchdown in Bangkok: First Impressions

Landing in Bangkok was like the opening notes of an exciting new song. The buzz at Suvarnabhumi Airport was infectious, a mix of languages and cultures creating a melody of its own. We were immediately swept up in the rhythm of this dynamic city. 🌍🛬

Google Maps Link to Bangkok Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport

Our first task? Figuring out the local transport.
With a quick wit and a nod to our budget, Dana found us a Grab – an app like Uber – for 460 Baht.
Our ride to the hotel was less about the destination and more about tuning into Bangkok’s unique pace – a bit like improvising a new tune on the go. 🚖🎼

Checking in: Chillax Resort

We checked into Chillax Resort, ready to unwind. At 60€ a night, it was our peaceful haven amidst the city’s hustle. Here, we could lay back, relax, and plan our urban escapades – or maybe just catch up on some sleep!

Google Maps Link to Chillax Resort: Chillax Resort

A Day of Contrasts and Laughs

As Dana set off to explore, I embraced the comfort of our room due to my stomach 🤪.
Isn’t it funny how explorers can be so different? One’s ready to conquer the city, while the other’s battling the urge to nap.
That’s us – always on a different beat but being in sync either way. 🛏️🌆


Our first day in Bangkok was an eclectic mix of travel tunes – some familiar, some completely new. From our airborne antics to our first taste of the city’s lively tempo, it was the perfect start to our Thai symphony. Stay tuned for more stories, laughter, and discoveries from Dana & Wild as we continue ‘Bangkok Day 1’ and beyond! 🎤🌙

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