Culinary Quests and City Beats: Day 3 of Exploring Bangkok

by WILDCAFE 24/01/2024

Good day, epicurean explorers and city wanderers! 🍽🌆
Dana & Wild here again, ready to spin the tale of our third day ‘Exploring Bangkok’. Join us as we delve into the city’s culinary heart and navigate its bustling streets, all wrapped up in our unique blend of humor and artistic flair. 🎨👣

A Morning of Surprises: The Jet Lag Jive Continues

Our day kicked off with the quirky rhythm of jet lag. After a night of work till the dawn (I worked until 6:00am in the morning), I (Wild) crashed into a brief slumber, while Dana ventured off in search of the hotel’s early morning charms. The clock struck 10:05 AM, and I dashed down to catch the tail end of the Chillax Resort’s breakfast buffet – a symphony of flavors awaiting our taste buds. 🥐🏃

A few moments later Dana appeared and we had the chance to get a taste of Chillax’ breakfast. 
The breakfast is ok, you will find pretty everything you want: fresh fruits, Thai food, bread, tea, coffee, eggs in some variations etc. It costs 250 Baht per person – a bit too much in our opinion.

Google Maps Link to Chillax Resort: Chillax Resort

The Breakfast Encore

Joining me at the breakfast table, Dana shared tales of her gym and pool escapades. The resort’s gym, a haven for fitness enthusiasts, had been her morning muse. Together, we indulged in a spread that ranged from sweet pastries to savory Thai dishes, fueling up for another day of urban exploration. 🏋️‍♀️🍳

Unexpected Culinary Twists

Our gastronomic journey took a sudden twist.
The aftermath of yesterday’s food garden adventure had us making frequent sprints to the restroom – Bangkok’s culinary surprises coming full circle in the most comical way. 🚽💨

Tech-Savvy in Bangkok: The eSIM Experience Continues

Post-breakfast, we settled back into our room, our laptops becoming our portals to the world.
The eSIM from Maya continued to be our digital lifeline, keeping us connected as we navigated our work amidst Bangkok’s pulsating energy.
Our reliance on this tech gem became a testament to the modern traveler’s needs. 🌐💻

An Evening of Discovery: Exchange Rates and Street Life

Venturing out in the evening, we stumbled upon an exchange office offering an attractive rate: 37.90 Baht for 1€. This discovery led to a spontaneous decision to exchange €200, a move that proved to be financially savvy compared to ATM withdrawals. Such are the small victories in the life of a traveler! 💱💸

And always remember to have cash of your home currency with you, because the cheapest way of getting a foreign currency is mostly exchanging cash into the foreign currency on location!

If you withdraw money from the ATM in Bangkok, they take 220 Baht network fee. If you withdraw 10.400 Baht, that’s 2%. If you take a smaller amount, that’s a huge fee!

Exploring Thanon Ram Buttri

Our exploration took us to Thanon Ram Buttri, a vibrant street paralleling the famous Khaosan Road. Here, the pulse of Bangkok was tangible, with a myriad of restaurants and street food stalls painting a lively picture of the city’s dining scene.
It’s right next to the Khaosan road, which is well known.

Google Maps Link to Thanon Ram Buttri: Thanon Ram Buttri

A Lesson in Culinary Choices

Our dinner choice, a fusion of curiosity and hunger, led us to a Thai restaurant serving pizza. The experience was a humorous reminder – when in Thailand, stick to Thai cuisine! The frozen pizza, at 290 Baht, was a far cry from the local flavors we had come to adore. 🍕😆

Developing a Dining Strategy For Thailand

From our recent dining experiences, we crafted a simple yet effective dining strategy:

  1. follow the inviting aromas and your nose
  2. trust your instincts about the ambiance of the location (it should make you feel good)
  3. always check Google reviews.

This trifecta became our guide in the culinary labyrinth of Bangkok. 🍜🔍

Conclusion in Exploring Bangkok

Day 3 of ‘Exploring Bangkok’ was a blend of work, whimsical culinary experiences, and urban discoveries. Each moment, from the humorous to the enlightening, added depth to our Bangkok story. Join us, Dana & Wild, as we continue to navigate the vibrant streets, uncovering the city’s hidden gems and embracing its endless surprises. Stay tuned for more tales of laughter, learning, and artistic adventures in the heart of Thailand! 🐘🌌

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