Life Ball 2014, Wien – Dana & Wild Impressionen

von Dana & Wild 02/06/2014

Dana & Wild have joined the Life Ball 2014 in Vienna together with the “Life Ball Family” and it’s motto: “Garden Of Earthly Delights” / “Garten der Lüste”.
Life Ball 2014-06We entered the venue through the red carpet, had some drinks in the VIP area, went backstage and celebrated until in the morning in the town hall.
It was a very interesting evening with a lot of nice impressions, music, arts, fancy people and impressive costumes.

Et voilà, here are some impressions and our Life-Ball video with a brand new remix of “Dana & Wild – Bambambe” as the soundtrack (which will be available for purchase in july on this website).


Unfortunately there was only house music playing on every one of the 4 dancefloors in the town hall. So this could be improved in the future (@Life Ball crew: if you’ve got 4 dancefloors, try to play different music / have different djs on min. 3 of them).
On the other hand: the overall organisation of the venue was nearly perfect.

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