Mauritius – Ile Aux Cerfs und mauritische Ostküste

von Dana & Wild 28/03/2014

On our way from Merville Beach Resort (in the north) to Preskil Beach Resort (in the south east) we decided to go along the mauritian east coast. The reason: you don’t get a lot of information about the east coast, not on the internet, not from travel agents and even not from foreign people.
So we decided to build our own opinion. And we can tell you: the east coast is very beautiful and it was worth it!

We decided to go by taxi and to stop at “Ile Aux Cerfs”. The vegetation on the eastern part is beautiful, there are more foreign people on this side of the island. So if you’d like to experience the “real life” of Mauritius beside the tourism, go east!

We just composed a slideshow for you – you can find the corresponding text within the pictures:


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