Österreich-Rundreise 2014 - 1. Station: Bischofshofen / Salzburg - Hotel / Gasthof Bürglhöh

von Dana & Wild 23/02/2014

We’re on the road! Starting on 23rd of february we’re on the way to Salzburg. Our first stop will be Bischofshofen, located in Salzburg (click for map).

And it has been a very very good decision to do our Austrian tour at this particular time.
Read yourself why, maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your trip:

1st day: Restaurant Gasthof Bürglhöh

As we told you before, we’ve seen our first hotel on TV. We were  really curious if our expectations could be fullfilled.
We successfully arrived at “Restaurant Gasthof Hotel Bürglhöh”. This hotel is owned and runned by the renowned and awarded chef Siegfried Leitgeb and his family.
buerglhoeh-das-wirtshaus-bischofshofenThey received us cordially with sparkling wine. Gasthof Bürglhöh is very clean, familiar and nice – with (only) 3 modern rooms.
If there’s snow (normally it is, but this winter was crazy in terms of snow), you can go directly to the hotel by ski / snowboard.
The weather was (too) beautiful for this. We had one of the sunniest and warmest days in this year so far. Travelling under this conditions is so much fun! Wow!
We couldn’t wait to see our room and if it matches the pictures and videos we’ve seen so far. In short words: our expectations where completely fullfilled.

We arrived at 4pm and the meal was prepared for 6pm, so we checked out our room and went to have dinner at 6pm.
Here was the next “Wow”: 4 courses, finest ingredients with regional origin only, everything cooked fresh. We know now why Siegfried was chosen one of the best chefs in Salzburg.

We had some good glasses of regional wine and at 11pm we were falling asleep with filled stomaches and smiling faces…
What a great start! But what’s missing?
That depends: there’s no spa, if you need that. And the breakfast is no buffet, it will be served. And the size of the meal is maybe not as big as you expect it to be. But the food quality and the great service compensates that.

On monday the restaurant is closed, so in the evening you have to find a different location to get dinner at.
See below, where we found our “food station” for this day.

2nd day: ski ressort Hochkönig

We went up early in the morning. Before that we enjoyed a good breakfast with homemade eggs, tea and jam. We’re still happy with everything here.
If there’s snow (which is not at the moment) you can go directly to the hotel by ski/snowboard.
If there’s no snow, you can go for trekking, biking or just relaxing. Or (and that’s what we did) you go by car to one of the ski ressorts in the surrounding.
We chose “Hochkönig”, which is 15 min. away by car.
At 9:30am we were sitting on the ski-lift.
And again, we had a perfect sunny, non-cloudy day. Here are some of the pictures we made at Hochkönig:

Danaandwild_at_Hochkönig_3 Danaandwild_at_Hochkönig_6 Danandwild_at_Hochkönig_4 Danaandwild_at_Hochkönig_8

We can tell you, it’s really worth it skiing here: nice slopes, modern ski-lifts and the ski ressort ist big enough so that you don’t have to go a slope twice on one day. There are two ressorts connected: Hochkönig and Maria Alm. Maria Alm is more sunny, but if the weather is too sunny, the slopes there get muddy very fast.

If you catch the same sunny weather as we did, we can recommend you visiting the “Tiergartenalm”.
We just show you pictures instead of words:

Danandwild_at_Hochkönig_7 Danaandwild_at_Hochkönig_2

Find your food!

On monday there’s no dinner at Bürglhöh, so we had to find another place to get some food. We went down to Bischofshofen (15 minutes by car). What a little tiny, nice city. A lot of stores are there and some restaurants.

When we were walking around we came across the “Bar – Cafe – Restaurant Public”. Their website is not very informative, but they offer nice ambience, good food and good prices.
We had steak on a hot stone with a potatoe and salad – mmmmmh…

3rd day: just deepen your experience

We went to Hochkönig again, enjoying the great weather and the last day of our stay here.
We finished skiing in the afternoon, went back to the hotel to enjoy the last evening there. Again, the dinner there was delicious  and we talked to the owners until 11 pm and had a lot of wine and Schnaps 😉


If you go in the area of Bischofhofen, just go to Bürglhöh, if you like nice people, a familiar place and great food!
Either you go for mountainbiking or trekking right from Bürglhöh or you need to go by car to some other places (Bischofshofen city, mountains, ski ressorts etc.).
It’s good to have a car there, because everything is located 10-15 min. away from Bürglhöh.
We also liked the surrounding a lot, there are some ski ressorts in the area that are nice to explore and that offer great skiing possibilities.

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